Updating htc t8585

Clearly, T-Mobile saw the benefits of such a display and thus packed the HD2 with a ton of entertainment features that would take full advantage of the screen.

The virtual keyboard also benefits from the larger screen; both the portrait and landscape are spacious and quite easy to use.

That said, we have to give credit where credit is due.

For the HD2 to pack in a massive 4.3-inch touch screen and all of its features and remain just 0.43 inch thick is no small feat.

It's vibrant, sharp, and readable in various lighting conditions.

Photos, videos, Web sites, and messages are all that much easier to see, thanks to the extra real estate.

There's always something newer and better around the corner.

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In fact, we suspect its size will turn some people off; it's not exactly the most pocketable device and it's quite a handful to hold while on a call.It also automatically enters a space after you complete a word and includes certain tricks, such as circling a key to input a letter twice.We know it sounds a bit crazy, and we were definitely skeptical but we've been pleasantly surprised by Swype's accuracy and efficiency every time we use it.Swype has quickly become one of our favorite options in terms of onscreen keyboards.It lets you input text by dragging your finger on the keyboard from letter to letter instead of pecking at each key individually.

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